(Note: Not a trailer, this is still pretty alpha!)

Party 32

Party 32 is a (in-development) familiar sort of party video game, but for 32 local (!?) players divided into... initially, four teams. Often, games that support lots of local players are quick and snappy elimination sort of games, which are kind of punishing and also bit of a waste if you're going to get such a large crowd and a bunch of equipment all together.

Also, isn't it kind of weird how games with "Party" in the title often don't really support the whole party?

So this is the game for the whole party, and it gives you something you can actually get invested in and strategize about. Even then, it's not really entirely about who won and lost - the zany minigames and hilarious turnabouts keep everything fresh moment-to-moment and the comfort of being on a team means you don't have the burden to win or lose all on your own. You're in this together!

Check out development updates I posted on Twitter before the whole platform crashed and burned lol At some point I'll probably a share a version of it here on itch.io

(Expected) FAQ

Q: Will I be able to play this with people online??

Probably not. I'm a amateur game dev, have no idea what I'm doing, and it's pretty hard. Maybe in 20 years.

Q: Doesn't this rip off Mario Party a bit?

Maybe, but I'm not too bothered by it. It's a killer formula that's desperate to be iterated on, and I want to play it with 32 players at once.

Q: Why is the frame rate so shoddy for such a simple game?


Q: The game has some accessibility issues?

Man, I so bad want to make this game something truly everyone can play. I designed some of the minigames to be a bit less chaotic imagining it may be possible to even play some of these things blind as part of a team. We'll see how that pans out 🤔